“I think she’s waking up,” A girly, high toned voice says. Right away I knew who it was, it was Vanessa. My eyes refused to open, I tried and tried but… Nothing. “Damnit, wake up Kalyn! You can’t miss Nessa’s wedding!” A lower, more annoyed voice says. Immediately I recognize it to be Della’s voice. “Shut up, there i-is no way I’d-d miss her wedding,” I mumbled. “Wh-hat happened?” I asked. “That son of a bitch shot you, then shot himself. But he didn’t survive like you did… You’re a miracle, Kalie,” Vanessa angrily explained. “He’s lucky he’s dead, otherwise I’d be after him,” Della added. “Is she awake yet?” Seth asked, opening the door to check up on me.

“Seth?” My eyes widened, “Why are you here?” I ask. “Can we talk?” Seth looks around, specifically at Della and Vanessa. “Go on right ahead, we’ll leave you two alone,” Vanessa winked. “How long was I out?” I finally manage to get out after attempting three or four times. “Two weeks, just kidding, you were out for three months,” 

“Well thanks for the joke, really made me laugh,” I sarcastically say. “No problem, you know, I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time now,” – “What woul-“ I got cut off with a kiss, “Kalyn,” He paused, “Marry me,”


“Silly Girl…”

11:30, Friday night, I’m lying down in my bed watching some television, when I notice something. Complete. Silence. Usually all the kids are still up, attempting to be quiet so I don’t hear them, funny thing is, they’re never quite.”Why are you all so quiet? I need something to inform me that you guys are still alive!”I laugh. When I open my eyes from giggling, I see that none of my children are in their beds, or on the floor, where they usually all gather together and tell stories or something.

I quickly rush to find one child, but I have no luck. “This isn’t funny!” I yell, out of breath from running all around the house. “Guys! Seriously! You’re all grounded!” I say hoping they’ll run out of their hiding places to get on their hands and knees begging to not be grounded.

“Please,” I breathed, “Come out,”

I sit down breathing like I’m having an asthma attack or something. When suddenly, a creaking noise appeared along with a black out…

“Hello?” I yelled out, “I have, I have,” I look around trying to find an item to threaten the ‘Intruder’ with, “I have a… pan!”

“Honey, it’s only me!” Damien softly said. “Oh thank god, my kids, they’re missing!”, “Silly girl, they’re safe and sound! They’re in a better place!” Damien said slowly developing an evil grin.

“What?” It took me a second to catch on, but when I did I was disgusted. “What the hell did you do with my kids?!”

“Put them out of their misery, and that’s what I’m going to do to you too, and then once I’m done with you, I’ll put me out of my misery as well. We’ll be a happy family, together. Finally.” Damien welled up. “You sick, sick little bastard,” I guess now I’ve accomplished the tears I was wanting to cry when I realized my babies weren’t there. How could he have killed my children when I’m there. How did he sneak in? What is going on here?

He pulled out a gun, I tried to run, but all I could remember was the sound of the shot and my sight blackening…

Today’s the 20th! The day Damien is coming over, so I have to hurry, and age all the kids up and move out Kaden and the three oldest girls, the girls wanted to move out with Kaden, so I let them, I’ll miss them, but I let them.

My children being as thoughtful as they are, got me a turtle (turtles are my favorite animal!) and a squirrel (Which I LOVE as well!) I love them so much! I named the squirrel Henry, and the turtle Larry.

-knock knock- I hear at the front door. “Come in!” I shout folding laundry in my bedroom. “I’ll be out in a second,” “Alright,” The framiliar voice says. “Okay, sorry about that, so you must be Damien?” I ask. “Yes! Yes I am, did I come at a bad time? I could always come back later,” Damien says kindly. “Oh no, I was just finishing up some chores, well ya ready to get this show on the road?” I smile. “Sure!” Damien laughs.

We head to the bedroom and I feel a strong push in my stomach, “I’ll be right back,” I say running to my bathroom. “Alright,” Damien says sitting himself down on the bed. Once I close the door to my bathroom I sit next to the toilet silently weaping, the stomach pains are so strong. I suddenly vomit, afterwards washing my mouth out and brush my teeth. “What the hell?” I think to myself. “Get it together girl, you have to finish this challenge, that means suffering through the pain,” I think trying to lift my spirits. “Well I’m not pregnant, so that’s marked off the list,” I say mentally making a list on what I could have. I walk back out to see him awkwardly sitting on my bed rubbing his hands together. “You okay?” He asks sweetly. “Yeah, I’m fine,” I lie. “Can we just do this?” I rudely suggest.

“I’m sorry,” I rethink, “I’m just not right today,” “I understand,” Damien says putting his shoes back on, “No, I’m fine,” I say plopping myself next to him. I slowly kiss him practically throwing myself at him. He quickly manages to lay on top of me but suddenly stops. “What’s wrong?” I ask. “You have a fever,” He says looking over at me. “Where’s your medicing cabnet?” Damien asks getting up and searching my batroom. “I don’t have one, it’s the first drawer though,” I say. I could have just asked to continue, but I don’t know, I kinda liked the thought of getting tended to. He walks back out with many things in his hand, “Open your mouth,” He says, “Okay,” I say opening my mouth as he sticks the thermometor under my tounge, “Hold it there,” He commands. “Alright,” I mumble “ah Ah AH,” He turns scolded.

He comes back in with a drink and says “You may want this, the medicine I’m about to give you isn’t the most delicious,” He suggests. “Alright,” I say taking the thermometor out of my mouth. We exchange items, I get the drink, he gets the thermometor, “A hundred and two,” He says tucking me under the covers. Later that night after two batchs of medicine I lye down watching tv when I hear my door open.

“How you feeling?” Damien asks. “Slightly better…” I reply. “Hey, why are you doing this?” I say trying to manage my why to sit up, “I’m a doctor. It’s my job to take care of people,” He smiles. He sits himself down next to me and says “You need company?” “I would like that, yes,” I look up. “Alright,” He says cuddling himself next to me. “I’m so cold…” I weap. “You won’t be for long,” Damien says closing his eyes.

The next morning I get awoken by the sound of three little girls barging in my room saying “Mom, we HAVE to go to boarding school! We all want to go to the school in France, it’s an art boarding school and we only need three hundred dollars for the three of us!” Not thinking I say “The money is in my wallet on the table,” “THANK YOU!” The girls enthuse. “WAIIITTTT!” I stop, They hand me the brochure that was given to them by their school, “No, you girls ARE staying here with me, we’ll rethink this once you’re all a bit older okay?” I say. “So the answer is a no,” I tell them, “Fine!” The girls scream out. “Wait.. Where’s Damien?” I think looking around the room when I notice the shower is running. I get up and walk into my bathroom,

“OH MY GOSH, I’m sorry!” I shout covering my eyes. “OH!” Damien says quickly running out of the shower to cover himself with a towel. “It’s… Fine?” Damien questions. “Well, is it?!” I ask. “Yeah, yeah, don’t sweat it… So… How are you feeling?” He asks. “Better, but if you can’t tell by my voice, still a little stuffy…” I reply “Yeah, but the medicine should clear that up by Monday, I hope you don’t mind me using your shower,” Damien says. “No no, it’s fine, I mean, you needed to shower!” I smile. “Thanks, hey listen, I’ll be back on Monday to check on you, I have to go back to Bridgeport for a couple days,” He sadly says. “Oh, yeah, that’s fine!” I say trying to keep a happy face, when inside, I feel like bursting out in tears.
I watch him walk out the door and I can’t help but feel upset even though I’ll see him again in two days. Am I falling for him?! Yes. I can’t help to! I mean, his face is perfect, his body is perfect, he has a heart of gold, and his personality is amazing, how can I NOT fall for him?

By Monday I feel a lot better, even better knowing that Damien is going to be here. I get a text around nine thirty in the morning from Damien saying “I’m on the flight now, cant wait to see ya!” I die when I read that. My heart skipped a beat, my stomach fluttered, and my mind went crazy.  I hear a knock on the door, I run as fast as I can to answer it. “Hi!” I say jumping in Damien’s arms, “Hello!” He says, “Happy to see me I see?” He laughs, “Yeah! you know, got to keep the challenge wheels goin’!” I laugh releasing myself from him.

We walk into the bedroom, we stare at each other for a second and just throw each other at one another…
-Later that night-
Damien left hours ago but we’ve been on the phone since he left, I can’t help but not want to talk to him.

[Days Later]
My pregnancy was going nice and smooth but with the occassional painful kick, but that’s alright, he or she just wants me to know they’re in there!




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“Mom, I’m an adult now!” Gale excitedly shouted. “I know! My little boy is now… is now a big boy,” I whimpered. It’s one thing to see your kids grow into children and another to see them move out. I’m definitely going to miss my babies!

“I’m all grown up now,” Kelsy said in shock, as if she had no idea that she was becoming an adult this morning. “Yes, and being an adult also consists of grown up responsibilities,” I nagged. I very well know Kelsy isn’t ready to be an adult she’s very immature so I constantly nag her about growing up, which I guess she’s tired of, but, I can’t help it. “I know, I know!” Kelsy whined.

Ruthi was up next, “You’re going to be a big girl now!” I cooed. “YAY!” Ruthi giggled. “Mommy! I’m… I’m HUGE!” Ruthi said as she emphasized huge. “Yes! I know!” I laughed. Her hair was just like her father’s and I love it, it’s extremely unique and incredibly soft. I. Adore. It.

Next on the chart was Lilly, Lilly isn’t the most cooperative so there fourth I know she’s going to despise aging up just because I’m forcing her to do it. Oh boy was I right, in all of my children I’ve NEVER heard a tantrum as big as her’s. She awoke Nyla and made her cry, Ruthi got scared so she cried, It was all just a ridiculous domino effect. I had to ‘slap’ some sense into or inotherwords talk with her. Eventually she pulled through a cooperated, she aged up being a beauty, she pulls her hair back in the most masculine fashion but it works on her!

Nyla. Nyla, Nyla, Nyla. Oh Lord is she a stunning little girl. Her green eyes make me shiver! I’ll have to have back up to keep the boys away from her! I can’t really tell who she looks like but who cares, she’s gorgeous. ❤

Kaden was the last one to age up, even though he was the one who wanted to age more than anyone! But the long await was finally over and was worth it! I can not stress enough on how handsome he is.

-The Next Day-
Yesterday evening I got a call from a man named Blue wanting to participate in my challenge, when I looked out the window and saw him, I knew why he
was called Blue…

Boy, is his name appropriate. “Hello!” I greeted. “Hi, listen, I don’t have a lot of time so let’s just get right down to business, kay?” The man suggested. “Um, sure? But you don’t want to get to know me a little? You just want to sleep with me and thats it?” I questioned. “Yep,” The man nonchalantly  said. “Oh, alright,” I said feeling incredibly awkward. We headed to my bedroom and baby 23 was conceived!

A couple long, nausous, days later, I am completely sure I have a baby in my tummy! Like I always say, I can not wait until I meet my child!

I was enjoying the thought of having a new baby in my house when I felt a vibration in my back pocket, “Hello?” I say as I pick up my cell phone, “Hi, is this Kalyn Waine?” A man asks, “Yes? Can I help you with something?” I ask kindly. “Hi, I’m Damien, I was wondering if I could be a part of your challenge?” Damien enthusiastically asks. “Um, you’re a little late for baby twenty three, but come over my house on the 20th,” I gave him my address and we hung up.

“Well it looks like I have a daddy for baby twenty four already!” I smiled and said to myself.
Day by day I see my stomach getting larger, and larger, and larger. It’s crazy seeing your baby grow before you’ve even seen it.

Hours after that picture was taken, labor hit! This pregnancy went by VERY quickly, but I had three gorgeous baby girls! But two sets of triplet girls… I don’t know if I can keep my sanity.



And Taryn!

Here’s Maggie as a toddler,

Taryn as a toddler,

And Lydia as a toddler!

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First thing in the morning, I aged the children up, I’m trying to get on a routine. But I’ll probably end up slacking off, always happens! But here is little Kaden, Kaden is a vampire, my first vampire baby!





Last but not least, Prim-Rose!

“Hey miss challenge completer, you wanna come over?” I smile. “You have to hurry your little booty up! Yeah sure, give me a couple minutes, I’m still lying in bed,” Della chuckled. *BEEP BEEP BEEP* “She hung up on me, that jerk,” I said as I stared into my phone making sure I wasn’t imagining it. Might I add, I was not.

When Della arrived I had my camera out reading to take some photos, I haven’t had one on one time with Della in.. I’m not sure, so I thought we’d document our time together.

“Say duck face!” Della quickly said as she heard the beep for the camera timer.

I suggested Della and I do something stupid before she had to go back to Adam, so we grabbed the tripod and headed out to the back deck and I attempted to balance Della on my back!

When Della left I noticed a very interesting looking character standing on the pavement,

“Hello!” I happily said. “Where’s the house?! Where is Kalyn Waine’s house?! WHERE?!” The strange man shouted. “…Right behind you. I’m Kalyn Waine, by the way. You are?” I asked. “I’m Felix, Felix Strange! I’m here to be a BABY daddy!” The man excitedly said. “Erm, alright. Hi,” I awkwardly said quietly. “HELLO! Halllo. HI!” The man said in all different accents. “Um, yeah. Why don’t we get started on the process of getting this baby cooking?” I ask. “YUS WE MOOST.” The man screams.

Before he could weird me out anymore, I leaned in to kiss him.

One baby 20 was conceived, I got back to doing my usual housekeeping. Which obviously concluded of the huge amount of dishes that was piling up in the sink and fixing the dishwasher which I have been putting of. But not today!

The dishwasher broke because a fork got stuck in the fan thing or whatever it’s called so I had to get the fork out of the fan. which wasn’t easy.

I took a couple minutes before bed to play the piano, I haven’t played in a couple days so, why not!

I was getting to go to bed when my stomach fluttered!

I looked in my mirror and rubbed my tummy, I’m very anxious to see what they are, what they look like, and how many there are!

My finial day arrived quickly, contractions started early in the morning but it wasn’t extreme pain, luckily.

 I waited and waited for stronger contractions, but nothing happened.

I thought it would be fun to dance a little while to get my mind off the pain.

I was in the middle of dancing, when labor struck like lightning!

I gave birth to three little girls,



and Nyla!

I also aged up Kaden so I’d have all the ages in my house!

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I get awoken by a knock on the door at around ten in the morning. “What,” I pouted. “Listen sleep monster, we’re going to the karaoke club to test out our singing skills!” Amber said excitedly. “Listen, this sounds fun, but I’d prefer to stay at home and lay down on my couch watching movies then to go out and embarrass myself in front of strangers…” I whined. “We’re going, go get dressed. Now,” Amber demanded. “Ffffiiiinnnneee,” I whined.

“Aw, look who’s sleepy! Better go take a nappy wappy before you get cranky!” Vanessa teased. “I’ve far surpassed cranky,” I pout. “Go get dressed, we wanna go before all the drunks get there and get all creepy,” Vanessa begged.

“Della…” I say. “Yes?” Della wonders. “Why ya dressed like that..?” I ask. “I like to make statements,” Della grins. “Oh,” I say awkwardly.

I got dressed and we headed out to the karaoke bar!

“C’mon we’re up first!” Della laughs while I hide behind the door. Singing really isn’t my thing, never has been never will be! Oh, alright…” I say as I slowing make my way to center stage.

“I don’t know about this Della, I’m not really good at singing,” I burst out.

“Don’t sweat it! It’s only for fun! I promise, this isn’t American Idol or the X Factor or anything, just. For. Fun!” Della comforted me as she grabbed the microphone.

We sang like to complete dorks on stage, but it was fun! Plus I got bonding time with my best friend!

If you would like to see Della and I sing click here!

Vanessa decided to push Della off the stage and finish the song with me! “HEY!” Della shouted. “Don’t hate the playa hate the game, dog,” Vanessa teased.

Vanessa sang at the very top of her lungs, there was absolutely no sign of shyness in this girl.

If you feel like watching Vanessa and I sing click here!

“BOO! Y’all stink!” Della jokingly shouted.

“It’s true!” Amber laughed.

“Oh, that’s harsh!” I squinted.

“Okay, my turn to sing with Kalyn!” Amber exclaimed. We sang and danced like complete morons but we still had a ton of fun!

If you’d like to see Amber and I sing click here!

After we sang the girls had to get back to their families so that’s pretty much where the fun ended.

After all the fun, I decided to go and get some take out from the bistro. But right when I got there I saw an older woman passed out on the pavement my motherly instinct kicked in and ‘told’ me to go help the poor woman.

Right when I walked up to her she hopped up swiftly and turned around.

She grabbed my arm and sank her teeth right into my arm. I felt a sense of burning, pain, and a tingling sensation. I couldn’t pull it away unless I wanted half of my arm bitten off.

I start to see the blood dripping from my arm as I yell at the woman, asking her why she tricked me and sucked my blood.

I noticed that money’s been getting a bit tight so I figured I would get my piano skills to work and earn some tips at the theater!

I set up my keyboard and I was ready to go!

I started gathering quite a crowd before I even knew it, the tip jar just kept getting more and more full!

Soon enough I had gathered almost three hundred dollars in tips!

I was packing up my piano when I noticed an interesting looking man standing by the ticket booth, I decided to go up to him to see if he’d be interested in being a father for baby nineteen!

“Hello, sir!” I kindly spoke. “Nechcem hovoriť anglicky, je mi ľúto” He said. He obviously didn’t speak English well whatsoever… So I just gave up on him. But a couple minutes after he walked away I saw a limo and people started to scream the name ‘Nelson’ I just stand there and wonder who Nelson is, then I see him step out of the limousine, It’s Nelson Robins! Starlight Shores most famous Rock Star here in Sunset Valley! “He has GOT to be the daddy for baby nineteen weather he wants to or not,” I think.

“Hello, where is my dressing room?” Nelson asks with the dreamiest British accent. “Oh I don’t work here, I just was wondering if-“ I get cut off.

“If you don’t work here just get out of my sight!” The diva dude yelled. “Listen, I was just standing here and then you came up to be being all rude and stuff!” I awkwardly yell. “Okay, I’m sorry, I’ve just been stressed and busy and.. well, that’s it. I’m sorry,” The rock star pleaded.

“What can I do to repay you?” Nelson says softly. I look away and decide this is the perfect moment to ask him to be in my challenge. “Well, I mean, you could be in my one hundred baby challenge,” I say staring in to his smudged eyeliner covered eyes. “Well, okay, I guess,” He agrees.

I lean in a give him a quick peck on the lips.

We went back to my house to complete the ‘process.’

But when we were about to go inside THIS HAPPENED! That lady turned me into a vampire! WHAT?! WHY?! But I can’t let this get in my way, I have to focus on my challenge!

We went into my bedroom to finish what we started, and soon enough we heard the sound of a lullaby!

“Thanks for doing this Nelson,” I said. “No problem, I guess,” Nelson said awkwardly “Now to get back to my concert, it’s been lovely meeting you,” Nelson sighed.

After Nelson left to go back to his show I thought it would be fun to try being an Acrobat, I was a tumbler in middle and high school, so why not try a step up from that!

My juggling skills are a bit rusty but I still got it!

But before I knew it, my baby let me know that he or she was in there!

I aged the kids up, here’s Mica!





And finally, Gale!

Early the next morning I went to the library to read some pregnancy books just because…

Right when I got home contractions hit, I was going into labor!

I gave birth to a little boy I named Kaleb!

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I sat at my piano just messing around and suddenly all of the young ones surround the piano dancing…

The little girls just kinda sat and watched while Katniss on the other hand, decided to nibble the head off of a doll…

Hannah outgrew her rebellious attitude once she aged, thank the lord! But she grew to be a beautiful, respectful young lady.

My little blondie, he’s such a help, I’m going to be really sad once he leaves, but I’m proud of him, he bought a condo in Bridgeport and plans to propose to his girlfriend. He’s growing up so fast!

And last but not least, Mica! I can’t help but tell her so much that her eyes are to die for, they’re just… Perfect!

Early morning the next day, I sit and play with Prim as her siblings sleep. She’s silly and will constantly just sit in the toy box and play peek-a-boo even when no one is there except for her toys.
A little later that afternoon I went outside to tend the bushes when I got a tap on the shoulder from a man with a unique hair color.

“Welcome to the neighborhood ma’am,” The man greets in a thick, southern accent.

I brush my hands off and reply “Thank you! I’m Kalyn, and you are? I ask.

“Oh, I apologize, I’m Dan. He kindly says.

“This is going to be a little awkward, but I’m do the one hundred baby challenge and I’m just curious to see if you’d want to participate in it?” I ask.

“I don’t see why not,” He finishes.

Dan grabs some bright yellow tulips from behind his back and gives them to me.

“Thank you, I… I have nothing to give you though, you kinda caught me off guard!” I say.

“It’s alright, I like giving more then receiving, although, why don’t we head to the bedroom to even things out,” The man seduces.

“Sounds like a plan,” I wink.

A few hours after Dan leaves I prepare supper, I decide spaghetti sounds the best.

Mica wanted to help but her grades need improving. Math is her weakest subject so there fourth, I told her, less cooking more studying.

“Needs salt… Lots of salt… and some paprika. Oh! Definitely some parsley as well. Yum yum yummy!” I think. Let’s just say I don’t cook as good of sauce as I thought I did…

Annnddd done!

Days pass and I barely see any progression in my pregnancy besides stomach aches, when I try to vomit nothing happens. Let’s hope this isn’t just a small case of the stomach flu.

“Hi baby!” I giggle in my baby voice. “Go play with sissy baby,” I mumble sweetly.

I sit down to the paused movie I’ve been trying to watch for the past hour but haven’t been able to due to irritable toddlers but they’re napping now so it’s me time! I plop Boxie on my lap and press the play button on the remote, lay back, and relax.

Weeks fly by and my bump finally decides to show, I can’t wait for them to arrive. I’ve been so anxious to know if they’re even in there!

The first day I start to show I start to feel contractions so maybe today is the day I have my babies!

I jump in the pool just to feel more pain, I decide it would probably be best to get out and relax, because within hours these babies could be out!

Once I put my clothing back on my water breaks, I give birth to a little girl that I named Kelsy.

I lay her softly down on the cushion of the crib, just to see her little lavender eyes open up wide.

A couple minutes later I feel the sense to push, I then give birth to a bouncing baby boy I name Gale.

They all aged up adorably! I’m really surprised on how much Prim looked like her dad, but all the other kidos look just like me!

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